Award Winners

In 1993, we began the tradition of having an annual gala banquet and presenting awards to members for service and accomplishments. Many of our awards are named in honor of distinguished members who were instrumental or inspirational in getting our Club off the ground and making it what it is.

Grand Prix Award Winners

The Ideal Runner Award

The male award has been named since 1996 for Dave Dixon, the female award has been named since 1999 for Debbie Seale. This award is presented to the member who exemplefies the running life as a friend, competitor, and in service to the Club.

Year Ideal Male Runner Ideal Female Runner
2020 Thomas Fung Barbara Eckes
2019 Victor Gambone Valerie Freeman
2018 Derek Godfrey Nicole Herrold
2017 John Gardiner Joanna Pallo
2016 Scott LaRuffa Lillian Bertram
2015 Mike Bertram Cathy Blakesley
2014 Mike Friedl Sherri Ellerby
2013 Jon Resnick Lisa Eiler
2012 Tonson Tong Linda Hammond
2011 Matt Hood Danielle Gordanier
2010 Ken Atterholt Amelia Vrabel
2009 Greg Hanssen Stacey Dippong
2008 Fred Cowles Leilani Rios
2007 Michael Reeves Noreene Matsuda
2006 Tonson Tong Amy Katz
2005 Bob Morris Jeannie Leitner
2004 Rob Harris Jodie Kinney
2003 Pete Boisineau Lois Edds
2002 Danny Stein Cathy Shargay
2001 Ed Coffey Jeannie Palermo
2000 Jeff Hindman Sherri Ellerby
1999 Mel Schultz Jennifer Noyes
1998 David Schiller Karen Alston
1997 Robert Rye Marci Minamide
1996 Mike Friedl Lois Edds
1995 Andy Froumis Molly Donnellan
1994 Dave Dixon Mellie Clarke
1993 Sal Chaidez You-lin Shaw Kingery


The Most Improved Runner Award

This award has been named since 1999 for Ron Lowe. This is often a very difficult award to give to only two people as many club members make great improvements over the course of the season.

Year Male Runner Female Runner
2020 Luke Friedl Jackie Chen
2019 Greg Hanson Joanna Pallo
2018 Micheal Tang Alanna Brown
2016 Greg Minton Valerie Freeman
2016 Michael De Jesus Pagalan Kirsten Hirneisen
2015 Daniel Evora Lillian Bertram
2014 Fred Ayers Noreene Matsuda
2013 Dave Flahive Judy Sweet
2012 John Gardiner Stacey Dippong
2011 Ross Klein Elyse Shimada
2010 Vince Lowder Kathleen Curley
2009 Mike Sellers Erica Kotteakos
2008 Dave Litvak Sherri Ellerby
2007 Dan Templin Sue Zihlmann
2006 Mike Connors Jane Crewe
2005 Jim Grant Amy Katz
2004 Tom Dellner Amy Katz
2003 Fred Cowles Jeanie Leitner
2002 Tim Mara Marissa Hindman
2001 David Schiller Cathy Shargay
2000 Tonson Tong Cindi Gray
1999 Steve McDonald Cathy Shargay
1998 Jerry Harber Sherri Ellerby
1997 Alan Friedl
1996 Brian Copeland
1995 Jan Peters
1993 Eric Fried


Volunteer of the Year

This award is selected by a vote of the membership. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes; from setting up the tent to organizing social events to taking half the club wine tasting… Thank you!

Year Runner
2020 Nicole Herold
2019 Nicole Herold
2018 Sherri Ellerby
2017 Ken Atterholt
2016 ?
2015 Ken Atterholt
2014 Joanna Pallo
2013 Cathy Shargay
2012 Leilani Rios
2011 Ken Atterholt
2010 Leilani Rios
2009 Fred Cowles
2008 Cathy Shargay
2007 Noreene Matsuda
2006 Mike Friedl
2005 Mark Hayakawa
2004 Fred Cowles
2003 Cathy Shargay
2002 David Schiller
2001 David Schiller
2000 David Schiller
1999 Ed Coffey
1998 Jeannie Palermo
1997 Julie Francisco
1996 Jeannie Palermo
1995 Jeannie Palermo
1994 Jeannie Palermo
1993 Susan Kuntz


The President's Award

This award has been named since 1998 for Robert Kuntz. It is presented by the president to the person whom he or she feels has made the biggest contribution to the club during the year.

Year Runner
2020 Nicole Herold
2019 Lillian and Mike Bertram
2018 Stacey LaRuffa
2017 Molly Donnellan
2016 Mike Bertram
2015 David Schiller
2014 Lisa Eiler
2013 Noreene Matsuda
2012 Ken Atterholt
2011 Amelia Vrabel
2010 John Gardiner
2009 Greg Jones
2008 Danny Stein
2007 David Schiller
2006 Mark Hayakawa
2005 Molly Donnellan
2004 Mike Friedl
2003 Molly Donnellan
2002 Jan Peters
2001 Nanci Goedecker
2000 Molly Donnellan
1999 Ed Coffey
1998 Molly Donnellan
1997 Jeannie Palermo
1996 Susan Kuntz
1995 Laura Brugger
1994 Phil Beaudoin
1993 Robert Kuntz


The SCRR Grand Prix Winner

This award has been named for Lois Edds since 1999. This award takes some serious talent, dedication and tenacity to win and it’s getting tougher every year. Learn more about the Grand Prix.

Year Runner
2019-2020 Sherri Ellerby
2018-2019 Mike Connors
2017-2018 Mike Connors
2016-2017 Sherri Ellerby
2015-2016 Leilani Rios
2014-2015 Sherri Ellerby
2013-2014 Sherri Ellerby
2012-2013 Bob Morris
2011-2012 Dave Parsel
2010-2011 Dave Parsel
2009-2010 John Gardiner
2008-2009 Fred Cowles
2007-2008 Sherri Ellerby
2006-2007 David Schiller
2005-2006 Bob Morris
2004-2005 Fred Cowles
2003-2004 Fred Cowles
2002-2003 Fred Cowles
2001-2002 Bob Morris
2000-2001 Lois Edds
1999-2000 Bob Morris
1998-1999 Bob Morris
1997-1998 Lois Edds
1996-1997 Lois Edds
1995-1996 Lois Edds
1994-1995 Lois Edds