Welcome to the South Coast Roadrunners!

The South Coast Roadrunners have been a fixture in the Southern California running community since 1984 and are based in Orange County, CA. We welcome runners of all goals, ages, speeds and styles; fitness runner to racer, ultramarathoner to triathlete, newcomer to veteran. We're a proud member of RRCA (external link). Come run with us!

New to SCRR?

The best way to get to know us is to run with us! Come anytime (Yes, we really mean anytime!) but we host a special monthly "Member's Night" that gets you pizza. We range from fitness runners to national class athletes and run a variety of paces and distances. We have training programs for all levels and host many social events.
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Where and When We Run

New Member's Night

New members night is on the first Thursday of the month (the next is May 1st).
  • When: First Thursday of the month @ 6:15 PM
  • Where: Heritage Park, Irvine (Map (external link))
  • Schedule:
    • 6:15 PM Run with pace groups led by current members
    • 7:30 PM Monthly Club meeting at Heritage Park
    • 8:15 PM Hosted pizza & socializing at Lamppost Pizza

What Makes SCRR Special

  • You! We have continuously grown and have a tremendously diverse group of people that have one thing in common... We love to run!
  • We support our local races! Our club runs a local race each month, and we usually get a discount.
  • Social functions! We have parties, field trips and eat pizza once a week! Our upcoming social events.
  • Inexpensive dues!
    Personal: $30/ year or $55/ 2 years
    Family: $45/ year or $85/ 2 years
    Begin or renew your SCRR membership
  • The original Grand Prix Series! You get to compete with everyone in the club on a level playing field regardless of age or sex. Learn more about the Grand Prix.
  • Our message board! Join our Yahoo General (external link) discussion forum and share stories or ask questions of runners of all experiences.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Upcoming Events

Grand Prix

1. Jeanie Leitner
2. Sherri Ellerby
3. Ken Atterholt
4. David Schiller
5. Mike Gulan
6. Mike Bertram
7. Robert Donald
8. Cathy Shargay
9. Mike Friedl
10. Greg Hanssen
11. Greg Blevins
12. Lisa Eiler
13. Noreene Matsuda
14. Alberto Ballon
15. Leilani Rios
16. Lillian Bertram
17. Judy Sweet
18. Daniel Evora-Hahn
19. Cathy Blakesley
20. Avery Lewis
21. Mike Pagalan
22. Aya Namikawa
23. Doug Niles
24. Joanna Pallo
25. Alanna Brown
26. Kelcey Kinjo
27. Matt Kossoff
28. Vincent Lowder
29. Amy Katz
30. Vicki Ballon

A Typical Thursday Night Club Run

(Thanks to John Loftus for the video)


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