Safety Guidelines


All South Coast Roadrunner members & guests should be aware of these guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety on club runs.

  • Runners are advised to run on the sidewalk or bike path at all times. Per the City of Irvine Municipal Code Ordinance number 192: Pedestrians are prohibited from proceeding along a bicycle path or lane where an adjacent adequate pedestrian facility exists.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Do not cross a street against a red light.
  • Wear a reflective vest, light or reflective clothing when running at night. Carry a light if running on an unlit course.
  • Carry emergency identification and phone numbers at all times. Do not leave an injured (or otherwise stopped) runner alone.
  • Know the route, or run with someone who does and be courteous to other runners, walkers, roller-bladers, bikers, and of course, drivers.
  • Share the path. Run on the right side of the bike path and allow room for bikes to pass in both directions.
  • Carry adequate water, particularly during long runs, trail runs, and in warm weather.
  • Do not wear headphones during club runs and be alert at all times.

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Some of the injuries our friends have incurred include: a broken leg, broken shoulder, concussion, rib fractures and some cracked vertebrae. Let’s stay safe out there!