Coach’s Corner

By Nicole Herold

Do you warm up before starting your run? I’m not talking about that first easy mile while you work out the kinks and get the juices flowing.

We as a group tend to socialize for our warm up (not recommended by most coaches), which means you can develop your own routine for prepping to take on the rigors of a workout. If you don’t know why a warm-up is important or what to do, here is an unscientifically-curated list of warm-up advice. Use them or explore the myriad of articles, blogs, and videos to figure out what works best for you. With relatively colder weather fast approaching it’s probably more important now to actually warm up before hitting start on your watch. Maybe your warm-up will even help others and we can all incorporate a new healthy habit before New Year’s Day.

RunSmart Online blog post: Glute & Hip warm-up

Runner’s World article: Pre-Run Warm-up

Nike Run Club video (for Women’s Health magazine): 4 minute warm-up w/ Nike+ Running coaches, Jes Woods and Joe Holder

The Run Experience: 7 Minute Follow Along Running Warm-Up

Holiday Gift List for Runners

By Nicole Herold & Scott LaRuffa

You’ve seen the container ships anchored off-shore and heard the rumors that supply chain issues mean we need to start our holiday shopping NOW! Here are some ideas to help you buy that perfect something for the runner in your life. Lucky for you, all of these items can be had using our SCRR discounts.

To keep you safe from the sun, get Zealios Sun Barrier or LipGuard. These are great stocking stuffers starting at $6.95 (before 25% discount, code ZupSCRR21).

To keep you safe from the dark, get a rechargeable Nox Gear vest with 20 hour battery life (about $90). 40% off Flash Sale now or use code SCRROC for 35% discount and free shipping. Pair your vest with a set of knuckle lights ($40 – $60 before 10% discount) available at Snail’s Pace. That way cars can see you and you can see the ground.

Get your runner fashion forward while still covered in gear built for the sport with a Ciele hat, pair of Goodr sunglasses, or Vouri clothing (men’s and women’s). If your special someone still doesn’t have more running-related items in their closet than regular clothes then it’s time to fill their drawers with new stuff.

Really show how much you love them and let them set the pace with a COROS watch. Be like Des.

Finally, help your special someone recover right with a Hypervolt or Theragun percussion massager or a simple pair of Oofos sandals so they can run hard another day.

If you’re still unsure what to get, a gift certificate always fits.

Knuckle lights
Ciele hats
Goodr sunglasses
Women’s Vuori clothing
Men’s Vuori clothing
Coros watches
Oofos sandals

Sweet Treat

You might know that I like to bring treats to runs and meetings. My latest baking adventure was these delicious Smore’s Cookie Bars. If you were at Dino Dash then you got a taste. They seemed to be a hit, so I thought I’d pass along the recipe. I know I’m going to make them again.


  • 11/3 – Cathy Blakesly
  • 11/3 – Kevin MacDonnell
  • 11/4 – Doug Niles
  • 11/5 – Thomas Fung
  • 11/6 – James Miller
  • 11/8 – Fernando Gonzalez
  • 11/14 – Phil Lam
  • 11/18 – Joe Haley
  • 11/18 – Michael Tang
  • 11/22 – Margot Johnson
  • 11/20 – Amy Dayao
  • 11/24 – Jessica Patel
  • 11/25 – Michelle Nestor
  • 11/25 – Jonathan Resnick
  • 11/28 – Carlo Verdugo
  • 11/29 – Sue Zihlmann

November 2021 Grand Prix Race

What: OC 5K
When: 11/6/21 @ 4:30 pm
Where: OC Fair & Event Center – 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Price: $40, but get a 10% discount: RG10
Why: Another hometown favorite

December 2021 Grand Prix Race

What: Santa Claus for a Cause 5K/10K/Kid’s Dash
When: 12/12/21 @ 9 am (5K/10K) and 7:45 am (Kid’s Dash)
Where: Irvine Valley College – 5500 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA US 92618
Price: $40+$5 fee (5K), $45+$5.50 fee (10K), $25+$3 fee (Kid’s Dash)
Why: Flat & Fast, not to mention proceeds from this event are Western Wired to tribes and villages in Africa. Oh, and Santa!

January 2022 Grand Prix Race

What: TBD

February 2022 Grand Prix Race

What: Surf City 5K/Half Marathon/Marathon
When: 2/6/22 @ 6:30 am (Marathon), 7 am (5K), and 7:45 am (Half Marathon)
Where: PCH & Twin Dolphin, Huntington Beach
Price: $35 fee (5K), $99 (Half), $109 (Marathon)
Why: Hometown favorite. Join team “South Coast Roadrunners (Herold)”

Grand Prix Standings

We just ran the 4th race in the series, Dino Dash, and the Top 10 has been reshuffled. Now there’s a new name on the list. Those of you at the top better watch out for that young whipper-snapper. He’s nipping at your heels. Our 5th race, OC, is the first week of November, so standings might change again soon. See the full list of participants here.

  1. Barbara Eckes
  2. Mike Dietz
  3. Steve Ireland
  4. Ken Atterholt
  5. Cathy Shargay
  6. David Schiller
  7. Ryan Vieau
  8. John Nguyen
  9. Luke Friedl
  10. Greg Hanssen

SCRR 2021/2022 Board Members

David Schiller – President
Scott LaRuffa – Vice President
Margot Johnson – Secretary
Victor Gambone – Treasurer
Joanna Pallo – Member At Large
Barbara Eckes – Member At Large
Jade Berniard – Member At Large
Michelle Ren & Jackie Chen – Co-Social Chairs

Treasurer’s Report By Victor Gambone

Total Cash Balance, Beginning October 1, 2021 5801.32
Cash Inflows
* Membership $310.00
* Merchandise
Cash Outflows
* Club Meeting/Pizza $321.25
* RunSignUp fee $18.50
* City of Irvine $4.00
Net Change in Cash   (33.75)
Total Cash Balance, Ending October 31, 20215767.57
10% Discount at A Snail's Pace Running Shop
Zealios discount code