Global Running Day News

Along with encouraging everyone to run on this special day, the 1st Wednesday in June, you likely saw all of the shopping opportunities to fill your closets w/ shoes, clothes, and accessories. One that might have slipped past your radar is that Garmin introduced the new Forerunner 255.

We all know that fueling is important, too. I found it interesting that the potato council jumped into the celebration by suggesting we eat their favorite vegetable.

If you’re deciding on your next vacation, you can choose from this list of great running cities. Los Angeles is on the list, but I’d extend that to include our backyard right here in the OC.

For some truly global news and a reason to go to South Africa next year, read about the Under Armour All Out Mile.

Last, but not least, we runners are looking out for the environment so that we can all have cleaner air to breath during our favorite sport.

Hydration for Summer Heat & All Year Long

Orgain just released a new hydration product. We are lucky to have a member, Sarah Caballero, work at Orgain and be able to give us some information about it along with a 20% discount during June.

Use promo code HYDROBOOST20 on (valid 6/1-6/30).  Direct link to Hydro Boost HERE

Sarah mixes Hydro Boost in an 8 oz sports bottle on her long runs and then dilutes with additional water as needed. 

Some key product highlights:

– 300mg sodium, 180mg potassium, 410 mg chloride, 12g carbohydrates per packet
– Contains lemon juice powder and Himalayan pink salt
– Organic
– Electrolytes derived from whole-foods (i.e. banana powder, fruit blend, etc)
– Available in 4 flavors: Lemon Lime, Berry, Mango, Orange Tangerine
– Mix with 10-12 oz. water in a sports bottle

Don’t Forget – Awards Banquet Raffle Prizes Wanted

Please continue to collect items to donate for our awards banquet raffle. Wine/alcohol, running clothes & accessories, and gift certificates are all items that have encouraged heated competition in the past.

Raffle tickets are $1. Ticket sellers always appreciate the ease of selling 20 tickets at once. No change required.

Contact Michelle Ren ( with information about what items you will bring.


  • Kirsten Hirneisen – 6/6
  • Mike Gellman – 6/10
  • Jim Millen – 6/10
  • Sue Rudolph – 6/11
  • Chloe Alves – 6/13
  • Sam Yasseen – 6/13
  • Kenny Chen – 6/18
  • Melissa Friedl – 6/21
  • Amanda Beach – 6/22
  • Molly Donnellan – 6/22
  • Christina Jones – 6/24
  • Karla Martinez Rojas – 6/27
  • Ingrid Johnson – 6/28


July 2022 Grand Prix Race

What: Woodbridge 5K/10K
When: 7/4/22 @ 7:15 am
Where: Start @ Barranca (between Lake and Creek roads in front of the Woodbridge Town Center)
Price: $30 (w/o t-shirt)/$35 (w/ t-shirt) 5K &10K & $10 (w/o t-shirt)/$15 (w/ t-shirt) Kids Run
Why: It’s back and we love it!

Recognition Banquet

What: Woodbridge Community Center
When: 7/23/22 @ 5 – 11 pm
Where: 31 Creek Rd, Irvine, CA 92604
Price: Price TBD
Why: 2022 Theme is Prom, so get out your taffeta and your dancing shoes for a night of socializing, food, awards, raffles, and general fun while dressed up in your finest.

August 2022 Grand Prix Race

What: Metrolink Mile
When: 8/20/22 (Time TBD)
Where: Walnut Trail
Price: Free!
Why: Fast, slightly downhill point-to-point starting near Sand Canyon & ending near Yale

September 2022 Grand Prix Race

What: Surf City 10
When: 9/25/22 (Time TBD)
Where: Huntington Beach
Price: $40 5K, $50 10K, $60 10 Mile
Why: PCH all the way, baby.

Grand Prix Standings

All 12 races are in the books and the 2021-2022 Grand Prix season is complete. You’ll have to come to the Recognition Banquet to hear the final standings. Below are the standings after the April race. You can always see the full list of participants here.

  1. Steve Ireland
  2. Barbara Eckes
  3. Luke Friedl
  4. Cathy Shargay
  5. Ken Atterholt
  6. Greg Hanssen
  7. Jeanie Leitner
  8. Joel Whitson
  9. Mike Dietz
  10. Brion Talley

SCRR 2021/2022 Board Members

Thank you to our hard-working 2021-2022 board members. They are both behind the scenes and front & center leading us. It’s never an easy job to lead a diverse group as ours and with the lockdowns, surges, and race cancellations over the last few years they have all gone above and beyond to keep us safe while still encouraging fun. A big round of applause for all you have done.

David Schiller – President
Scott LaRuffa – Vice President
Margot Johnson – Secretary
Victor Gambone – Treasurer
Joanna Pallo – Member At Large
Barbara Eckes – Member At Large
Jade Berniard – Member At Large
Michelle Ren & Jackie Chen – Co-Social Chairs

Treasurer’s Report By Victor Gambone

Total Cash Balance, Beginning May 1, 2022 4,067.38
Cash Inflows
* Membership $160.00
* Merchandise $40.00
Cash Outflows
* Club Meeting/Pizza $309.58
* RunSignUp fee $13.28
Net Change in Cash   (122.86)
Total Cash Balance, Ending May 31, 20223,944.52
Monthly Finances
10% Discount at A Snail's Pace Running Shop
Snail’s Pace discount
Zealios Discount