Cool Off in the Summer!

by Justin O’Brien

It’s summertime in the OC and we’ve all noticed that things have been a little warm. As things heat up, we all have our tips and tricks to get by. Many opt for sticking to strategies like run early, slow down, and drink more water. But are those the only options? Aren’t there any other ways to beat the heat? Something chilly and refreshing is the perfect way to cool off. So, what to drink? Perhaps beer? Though sometimes a cold beer is delicious, it can also be heavier and more filling than what you may be looking for. What else? There are always a lot of options but consider if you will the delicious pink wine that is rosé. 

Who should try rosé? Everyone. Rosé is the fastest growing category in the world of wine, and for good reason. On a hot day, few things are more refreshing than a glass of cold rosé.

Where should you enjoy some rose and drink pink? This crisp and refreshing wine is perfect for brunch on the patio after a run, picnics, and relaxing by the pool. Having a party? Consider making a batch of Frosé (Frozen Rosé.)  There are plenty of recipes online, but it’s basically a wine Otter-Pop. Just add some honey and blend in some strawberries, and you are ready for relaxing poolside. 

Rosé is like a chilled glass of summertime: vibrant, refreshing, and food friendly. What makes a beverage food friendly? In a word, acid. When we think about elevating a meal from good to great, what do we add? Something tart. Whether you are putting a vinaigrette on salad, lemon on seafood, or lime on tacos; acid makes food better. The same thing applies to what we drink with what we eat. From lemonade to margaritas or pinot noir to champagne, it’s the acid that gets your mouth watering and that is where drinks start to really compliment food on the table.

So, if you aren’t already embracing the relaxing idea of “Rosé All Day,” consider trying a glass. It is unpretentious, fun, and remains approachable with an average cost of about $15 for a bottle. Plus, it’s a style of wine that is meant to be enjoyed young and not made to age.

What kind should you try?  There are plenty of choices, but safe places to start would be with something from Southern France or right here in California. Generally, you will see riper red berry (think strawberries and raspberries) flavors with California wines. Justin and La Crema both make an enjoyable offering for about $15. The French wines will generally be drier and a little more tart. La Vieille Ferme Rose ($8) and Miraval ($20) are two very popular French options, both made by the Perrin Family.  Does screw top or cork matter? Not even a little bit. But forgetting a wine opener has happened to us all, so why not opt for the screw cap. Work smarter not harder, right?

Favorite Things…Sunscreen

by Nicole Herold

Living in So Cal means lots of intense sun, especially at this time of year. Good for Vitamin D. Bad for skin cancer. We all know we should wear sunscreen all the time and one way to make it less of a “have to” and more of a “want to” is to use one that works well, absorbs without leaving white streaks, won’t wash away from sweat, and doesn’t sting your eyes. So, for this month’s poll, I asked 20 people what sunscreen they use.

It just so happens that I asked this question 1 day after there was a recall announcement (in case you didn’t hear) and most people had this product category on their mind.

The #1 answer by far was Neutrogena. Some members specifically mentioned the Sport version. Neutrogena users mostly liked their sunscreen as a lotion.

Runner up was Coppertone. Two-thirds of these users covered their bases to cover their bodies by opting for both lotion and spray. I’d say that’s dedication to protection!

The rest of the respondents ran the spectrum from loyalty to one brand (Bullfrog, Banana Boat, and CeraVe) to happy using whatever is on sale. Personally, I’m dedicated to a brand that no one had heard of, Zealios, but that won’t be true for long. (See next article).

Whatever brand and form you are using, I hope you are applying sunscreen regularly so that your fun in the sun is safe and doesn’t leave you looking like a lobster.

And now a word from our (New) sponsors

Yes! You read that right. We are now a Zealios Team Partner.

Sun Barrier

Whether you swim, bike, and/or run, or just go outside once in a while, Zealios has a product made for you. As I mentioned above, I use their sunscreen religiously and have been for almost a decade. Way back then one of the 2 founders was manning a small table at the Healdsburg Half expo. They only offered their Swim & Sport Shampoo & Conditioner and Sun Barrier sunscreen. I hated wearing sunscreen so much for all the reasons I listed above, but he was very friendly and gave me a bit to test, so I figured I’d give their version a shot. That’s all it took to get me hooked.

Now they have a full line that includes a new LipGuard w/ SPF, anti-chafing balm, and a recovery gel.

You don’t have to take my word on how great they are. Read what their sponsored athletes have to say and learn the science behind why their products work.

Need another reason to try it? Starting 8/6 and through 8/16 get 40% off using code Zup40SCRR21.

After our 10 day extreme discount period, we will continue to get 25% off all items on – valid now through December 31, 2021. Just use Team Code: ZupSCRR21

Once you’ve tried their products, make sure to write a review and maybe post a picture or two.

Last but not least, follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @zealiosskincare and tag #teamzealios.

Cool Olympic Finds

by Nicole Herold

In case you don’t have time to hunt around the Olympic website, here are some fun and interesting pages to peruse.

Set aside an hour to watch a great film about the marathon. Click on the icon on the bottom right to turn on subtitle in the language of your choosing.

Who knew? Marathon Swimming (10K open water swim) is an Olympic Event. Learn more.

You can learn about the horses that are competing in the Athletes section.


  • 8/1 – Jeanie Leitner
  • 8/2 – Mike Sellers
  • 8/5 – Linda Hammond
  • 8/5 – Ben Coyle
  • 8/12 – Bob Morris
  • 8/13 – Steve Ireland
  • 8/14 – Mike Gulan
  • 8/15 – Jacquie Chen
  • 8/18 – Kayla Fogarty
  • 8/18 – Matt Kossoff
  • 8/19 – Peter Lew
  • 8/22 – Angela Turner
  • 8/28 – Victor Gambone
  • 8/29 – Dave Bauers
  • 8/31 – Mike Friedl



What: Recognition/Welcome Back party
When: 8/14/21 @ 4 pm
Where: Woodbridge South Lake Beach Club (Blue Lake, Irvine, CA 92614)
may be moved to the North Lake, so stay tuned
Sign up & pay here
Why: Come for the taco truck. Stay for the fun!


What: Metrolink Mile
When: 8/21/21 @ 6:45 am sharp!
Where: Walnut Trail
Price: Free!
Why: Fast, slightly downhill point-to-point starting near Sand Canyon & ending near Yale

SCRR 2021/2022 Board Members

David Schiller – President
Scott LaRuffa – Vice President
Margot Johnson – Secretary
Victor Gambone – Treasurer
Joanna Pallo – Member At Large
Barbara Eckes – Member At Large
Jade Berniard – Member At Large
Michelle Ren & Jackie Chen – Co-Social Chairs

Treasurer’s Report By Victor Gambone

Total Cash Balance, Beginning July 1, 2021 5637.86
Cash Inflows
$490.00 Membership
$40.00 Merchandise
Cash Outflows – Club Meeting/Pizza292.98
Cash Outflows – RRCA Membership Dues & Insurance
Cash Outflows – Banquet
Cash Outflows – Uniforms
Cash Outflows – Social Gatherings
Cash Outflows – Other
$222.10 Recognition Awards
$33.36 RunSignUp fee
Net Change in Cash   (18.44)
Total Cash Balance, Ending July 31, 20215619.42
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