As Amended May 7,2015


This club shall be known as:



The South Coast Roadrunners shall be a chapter of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).



The objective of this club shall be to promote the club members’ interest in and enjoyment of running, by providing an organization which encourages personal achievement at all levels of running and provides social activities for all members.



The Executive officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) Officers at Large. This collection of Executive officers shall be known as the Board of Directors or “Board.”  Officers shall be elected at the regularly scheduled meeting of members in June, and hold office for a twelve month period. All officers must be active members of the club.



The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings of the club. He/She shall have general charge of the business of the club and shall execute, in conjunction with the Treasurer, all checks for authorized expenditures.



The Vice President shall be vested with all of the powers of and perform all the duties of the President in case of the temporary absence of the President. The Vice President shall also perform those duties connected with the operation of the club that are suggested by the President.



The Secretary shall keep a record of all regularly scheduled club meetings and notify members of the business conducted by distributing minutes in paper form or electronically at or before the following month’s meeting. The Secretary shall keep a record of all Board meetings and provide board members with minutes of these meetings.



The Treasurer shall execute, in the name of the club, all checks for expenditures authorized by the President. Any expense greater than $500 must be authorized by a majority of the board.  He/she shall receive and deposit all funds in the bank selected by the Board. He/she shall also account for all receipts, disbursements and the balance on hand at the regularly scheduled Board and club meetings.  The Treasurer may elect to have one of the other officers (which could be an Officer at Large) collect and maintain a list of checks from the club’s PO Box for the Treasurer to deposit in the club’s bank account.  A criminal background check may be performed for any individual who is elected Treasurer.



These three positions provide the membership with the opportunity to elect non-Executive officers to fill special needs that the Board identifies, which may change from time to time depending upon the overall composition of the Board.  Officers at Large actively participate in board decisions and are encouraged to bring forward ideas for club events, website design, uniforms, etc.  If necessary, one Officer at Large shall take on the responsibility of RRCA Representative, and will represent the South Coast Roadrunners to the RRCA in all correspondence and activities as determined by the Board.  This responsibility shall be determined by need, each year by the incoming Board.



  1. All meetings of the members, except as otherwise provided, shall be held at a place to be determined by the Board.
  2. Meetings of the members shall be held monthly on the day decided upon by the Board.
  3. Special meetings of the members may be held at such time and place as the President may determine or may be called by a majority of the Board. lt shall be the duty of either the Secretary or the Membership Coordinator to call such meetings within 30 days of such demand.
  4. Notice of special meetings of members shall be given by e-mail notice to each member at least five (5) days prior to such meeting.  It is recommended that the special meeting also be announced on the club web site, as not all members have e-mail addresses on file.
  5. The President, or in his/her absence the Vice President, or in their absence another member of the Board shall call the meeting of members to order and shall act as Presiding Officer.
  6. At each June meeting of the members, the membership shall elect, by ballot, new Executive Officers as constituted by these bylaws.
  7. At every meeting of the members, each member shall have one and only one vote.
  8. A majority vote of the members present is necessary for the adoption of any resolution and for the election of any member of the Board.
  9. The right to vote on all club matters shall be reserved for club members in good standing.
  10. Any member of the Board may be recalled by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership. A recall vote may be called for by submission of a written petition signed by at least six members.



  1. The powers, business, and property of the club shall be exercised, controlled, and conducted by a Board of Directors of seven (7) members. The Board shall be made up of the seven (7) Executive Officers of the club. These officers shall be elected at each June meeting of the members.
  2. ln case of a vacancy on the Board, the remaining Directors shall fill such vacancy by appointment from the membership. lf three or more vacancies occur at any one time, they shall be filled by a vote of the members at a meeting duly called.
  3. Meetings of the Board shall be called at any time on order of the President or any two (2) Directors.
  4. Notice of meetings of the Board, stating the time, place and in general terms the purpose thereof, shall be e-mailed or personally given to each Director.  If Board meetings are held on a regular day each month (e.g., the Thursday before the monthly meeting of the members), then the notice of the meeting should be delivered not less than one (1) day before the day appointed for the meeting.  If a Board meeting is to take place on a different day than is typical (e.g., due to a Holiday), then notice of the meeting should be delivered not less than five (5) days before the day appointed for the meeting.  Any business may be transacted at the Board meeting if either (1) all Directors are present at the meeting, or (2) absent Directors have communicated to the other Board members their input to the business matter.
  5. Four (4) Directors may constitute a Quorum of the Board at all meetings of the Board.  ln the event that there are two or more vacancies on the Board, the Quorum shall be reduced to three (3).
  6. Each Member of the Board shall serve without reward or compensation.
  7. The Board shall keep a complete record of all acts and proceedings of its meetings, and shall publish a full statement showing, in detail, the condition of the affairs of the club. This record shall be maintained by the Secretary.
  8. The Board shall have the power and authority to comprise and enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the use and operations of club property.
  9. The Board shall appoint committee chairpersons and define committee responsibilities.



  1. Membership is open to any person with an interest in running and the objectives of this club. Runners under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all club activities, including runs and social events.
  2. A person shall be deemed a member of the club upon receipt of the annual dues, in advance, and upon the completion of the application for membership (which may be submitted in writing or online at the club’s website).
  3. Upon a unanimous board vote, any runner’s membership may be revoked for cause.  Examples of circumstances justifying the revocation of membership are: (1) creating or participating in conditions or activities that hinder the safety of any members of the club; (2) intentionally misrepresenting the club and/or its members; and (3) stealing from the club or any members.  If any runner’s membership is revoked pursuant to this provision, his/her membership dues (if up to date) will be refunded for the year.  Any runner whose membership has been revoked will have the right to reapply for membership on a date no sooner than one year from the date of the revocation.  The current board must unanimously approve the membership request in order for the individual to become a member of SCRR.



The Board may establish committees or individual volunteer positions such as those listed below. Committee chairpersons, to the extent needed, shall be appointed by the Board.

  1. Membership committee (led by the Membership Coordinator) whose duties shall be to maintain the club membership roster and send out e-mail announcements to club members.
  2. Social committee whose duties shall be to organize club social events.
  3. Race committee whose duties shall be to promote and organize club member races.
  4. Race Management committee whose duties shall be to organize club managed races.
  5. Newsletter committee whose duties shall be to publish a periodic club newsletter.  The newsletter shall be e-mailed to club members by the Membership Coordinator and also posted on the club website by the Webmaster.
  6. Website committee (led by the “Webmaster”) whose duties shall be to ensure that the website is maintained with current information.
  7. Weekend Run committee whose duties shall be to solicit and select weekend (typically Saturday) run leaders and then create monthly Saturday run plans.



The South Coast Grand Prix (SCGP) provides a competitive incentive for members to participate in the race designated by the membership each month, and has been successfully operating since 1994. It has become an institution within this club and therefore enshrinement of the rules in these Bylaws shall serve to protect it from capricious change.


  1. The South Coast Grand Prix is a year-long race series consisting of twelve races each season.
  2. One race per calendar month is selected by majority vote at a club meeting.
  3. Club members performance in the race of the month are submitted for scoring against the American Road Record (ARR) for each distance for their age and gender. A score is assigned by dividing the ARR by the submitted time, then multiplying by 1,000. The result is a point total between 1 and 1000.
  4. The season commences with the July race and concludes with the June race. Scores are accumulated throughout the season, with a maximum of nine scores for any given runner. If a runner runs more than nine races, the lowest scores are dropped, yielding a net score.
  5. The highest net score wins the Lois Edds Award at the annual Recognition Banquet.
  6. The remainder of the Top 20 are typically recognized as well.


  1. The American Road Record is derived from the USATF single-age records which span children through masters competitors. The fastest ratified time within an age group is deemed the record.
  2. Records are ratified in July and used throughout that season. Any new records ratified during the year will impact the SCGP scoring standard starting with the following season.
  3. Submission of times is the responsibility of the member. SCGP scores are often prepared by scanning race results but that is an accommodation that is not designed to be complete or to replace a runners’ responsibility to submit – or check – his or her results.
  4. Result submissions are on an honor system and submitted times will be accepted absent compelling evidence of an error.
  5. The Club does not condone banditing races. However, runners need not appear in the results in order for their time to be considered acceptable for SCGP purposes. Switched bibs, names misspelled, results lost or informal pacing are outside the purview of the SCGP. If a member completes race and submits a result, it will be scored absent compelling evidence of an error.
  6. Standard distances include Mile, 5k, 8k, 5 miles, 10k, 12k, 15k, 10 miles, Half & Marathon. For any distance other than these, the ARR will be extrapolated or interpolated to the closest standard distance.
  7. For races where the consensus that the actual distance is off of the nominal distance by >0.09 mile, the ARR will be extrapolated or interpolated to the consensus distance.
  8. Age groups are 0-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99.
  9. Only the race of the month is eligible for SCGP scoring. No at-large races, or other events may be included in the SCGP


  1. Operation of the SCGP shall be the responsibility of the SCGP Commission, which shall have three members serving three-year terms with one term expiring each year. This shall ensure continuity of the SCGP.
  2. The Commission shall certify the ARRs each July and ensure that the scores are computed and disseminated promptly after each race.
  3. The Commission shall also resolve questions of interpretation of these rules.
  4. Any proposed change in these rules has to be approved in the manner of other Bylaws changes described in Article XVI.



At the annual awards banquet, the following awards may be given subject to the following criteria:

  1. Ideal Runner: The male award has been named since 1996 for Dave Dixon, the female award has been named since 1999 for Debbie Seale. This award is presented to the member who exemplifies the running life as a friend, competitor, and in service to the Club.
  2. Most Improved: This award has been named since 1999 for Ron Lowe. This is given to one male and female runner who have made significant improvements over the past year.
  3. Volunteer of the Year: This award is selected by a vote of the membership.
  4. President’s Award: This award has been named since 1998 for Robert Kuntz. It is presented by the president to the person whom he or she feels has made the biggest contribution to the club during the year.
  5. Grand Prix Winner: This award has been named for Lois Edds since 1999.  It goes to the individual who places first for the year in the Grand Prix.



The Board, at its discretion, may form and appoint an advisory council the purpose of which is to consider and make recommendations to the Board in any matter of importance to the general welfare, conditions or circumstances of the club.



These by laws may be repealed, amended, or new by laws adopted at any meeting of the members by a majority vote of the members present, except for Articles I, II and III, which shall require:

  • 30 days advance notice to the membership including email notification to members and publication in the newsletter
  • a majority vote of a 2/3rds quorum of the total current membership in good standing.
  • Email votes will be accepted from members in good standing.
  • Board member(s) shall maintain list of club members in attendance who prevent duplication of email and in-person vote.
  • If a 2/3 quorum is not reached, another 30 day notice will be sent in the same manner and a 2nd ballot will be held at the next meeting with the decision being made by the majority of those voting in present or via email.



  1. Non-profit Status – South Coast Roadrunners is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is part of the group Federal tax exemption received by RRCA. Dues, entry fees, and other monies received by the organization will be spent entirely for carrying out the stated objectives of the organization. No part of the net earnings of the club shall inure to the benefit of any individual member.
  2. RRCA Dues – The South Coast Roadrunners shall submit a portion of the annual dues to the RRCA as membership in that body shall require.
  3. Dissolution – ln the event of dissolution of the South Coast Roadrunners, the funds in the treasury, after all creditors have been paid, shall go to a local non-profit organization.


  1. Article lV and Article X. Two At Large directors added as additional officers.
  2. Article Vll. lnsertion of a provision to allow electronic distribution of the club meeting minutes and removal of the clause regarding a motion to waive reading of the minutes. Removal of clause regarding majority vote of the membership.
  3. Article Xl. ltem 4 and Article Xll item 4. lnserted the phrase “or e-mailed”.
  4. Article Xl. ltem 8. Changed wording to state that a majority of members present is required to adopt a resolution and to elect any member to the Board. The prior wording required a majority of the club’s membership. This conforms to current club policy.
  5. Article Xll. ltem 1. The number of Board members increased from five to seven.
  6. Article Xll. ltem 1. A Quorum has been increased from three to four officers.
  7. Article XlV. The word “Standing” has been removed in reference to the committees. The following committees have been removed, Communications, lmage and Equipment Manager and a Website committee has been added.
  8. Article lV Removed the sentence” Committee chairpersons shall be invited to the Board of
  9. Directors meetings as appropriate.” since all club members are welcome to and encouraged to attend Board meetings.
  10. Article XV. This article defining an Advisory Council has been added in its entirety.
  11. Article XVll. ltem 1. lnserted wording explaining the club is tax-exempt as part of RRCA. Note that the club does not have its own separate Federal tax-exempt status.
  12. Article XVll. ltem 3. RRCA has been removed from the sentence.